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@RABaguma “Company culture is so hot right now. Today we are 328 people-strong. To Football lovers that are about 30 teams. The @premierleague is just 20 teams (but about 500 players). Culture can transform much as it can destroy.” #NextMediaTalks#NextMediaCulture

Culture is the tacit social order of a company. When properly aligned Personal values, Drives, and Needs, Culture can unleash Tremendous amounts of energy, Transformation. Culture & Strategy are married bedfellows, for better and for worse.

Avoid chaos as you grow with ever more high-performance people. Obey the rule and follow the guidelines BUT don’t fixate on the rules. Remember, informality attracts creativity.

Rogers Baguma

“We have a unique window of opportunity. In the previous years, it was important for us to clarify the strategy and reshape the organization. Now the strategy is set and we cannot question it again. It’s Execution, Execution, Execution!”

Purpose = Meaningful to self + Consequential to the world. @KKariisa “Culture is the pattern of behavior that is reinforced by people and systems over time.”

“To change is difficult. Not to change is Fatal!”

Kin Kariisa

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

Head of DigitalMarketing at Next Media Services Producer, Gamer, Content creator and collaborator #TheLifeOfDeejahn #Producer #Gamer

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