Entertainment Hosts & Producers refresher on our quality management policies

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Yesterday, 19th, October 2021, Next Media Services Entertainment and Lifestyle show Producers, and Show hosts were re-oriented on Minimum Broadcast Standards

Abdu-Sallam Waiswa
Abdu-Sallam Waiswa – Head Legal at UCC

As part of our routine measures to ensure consistent delivery on our promise to you, our viewers, our Lifestyle and Entertainment show hosts and producers have taken off the day for a Minimum Broadcast Standards, to which Ugandan Communications Commission was in attendance.


Next Media Services Head of Brand and Communication, Desire Derekford Mugumisa had this to say:

Systems & processes are the backbones of our works at the Park. Today was another addition to these – an Entertainment Hosts & Producers refresher on our quality management policies. We were also joined by

UCC who shared on the Minimum Broadcast Standards. #NextMediaUG
Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin commonly known as Deejahn hosts #NxTRnD. As well serves as the Head Of Digital Marketing at Next Media Services. He has worked for various brands such as The Sylvia Owori boutique as a Digital Marketer, Fireworks Advertising and in 2017 he joined NBS Television (rebranded to Next Media Services) as the Head of Digital Marketing. He holds a Bachelors's Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from Makerere University. He was born in 1988.

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