How to get to the top of your career and stay there – Pamela Adongo

Pamela Adongo, our chief Marketing Officer shares some nuggets that have helped her get to the helm of Marketing in Uganda

To understand what she does, Marketing, in business refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling a product or service. It speaks to customer segmentation, brand positioning, how you set your agenda to build brand equity, setting a vision, and crafting a pathway to achieve that vision.


Some of the life nuggets that have helped her get to the top and stay there;

  • Social Intelligence is key.
  • Adversary Intelligence is key
  • Mindset is everything. If you don’t carry with you the right mindset, you’re bound to miss many opportunities.
  • As you teach, you’re learning. As you impart knowledge to someone else, you’re also learning.
  • There’s no real situation in life. When you realize this, you approach and handle things more calmly.
  • Execution is King
  • For the first ten years of your life you work to learn, after the ten years, you drop the L and start earning.
  • Sustainability is real. Play your part towards


Over the span of her career, she has learned a lot on the job. Some outstanding skills that she has acquired include people management, leadership, performance management, mentorship (mentoring and grooming people), strategic digital marketing, as well as understanding the cost implication of decisions.

Creating sustainable brands is another of Pamela’s industry achievements; in 2018, NBS Television launched the Tuve Kukaveera campaign focused on sensitizing and creating awareness about the dangers of single-use plastic bags.


Pamela has played an integral role in the launch of the Taasa Obutonde campaign, which educates people about the dangers of plastics, creates awareness about their safe disposal, drives behavioral change on plastics, and suggests co-existing alternatives for daily use. To Pamela, leaving behind a more sustainable environment is a bigger achievement.

Pamela Adongo at Next Media Park
Pamela Adongo at her marketing desk at Next Media Park

Being at the helm of marketing calls for the utmost leadership skill; Commanding a huge team calls for leadership.

If you do not have leadership, everything gets lost in translation; through leadership, you reach brand goals, get the right people, have a good culture that nurtures growth and profitability. If you have a good vision but have bad leadership, that vision will stagnate.

It’s not to say that it has been a smooth ride. Over the years, Pamela has faced industry challenges. With the state of our economy, it’s hard finding affordable ideas to execute. Most ideas are costly to execute compared to the target market and also the state of our economy. Not to say Pamela hasn’t led the execution of disruptive ideas.



About Pamela Adongo

Pamela is the Chief Marketing Officer of Next Media Services with more than a decade of academic and professional achievements. She also doubles as the General Manager, Next Coms, the digital agency for Next Media Services.

As part of her achievements in the industry, she has groomed and grown with different brands like all the radio and TV stations of Vision Group, Fireworks where she handled Total, UBL’s Johnnie Walker, Bell, Tusker Lite, and Guinness, and the biggest being NBS Television.

She holds an MBA from the University of South Wales and a Bachelors’ Degree (SS) from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

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Danze Edwin

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