Difficult clients are everywhere and unavoidable

We’ve all had clients that were extremely difficult to deal with. Some of them may not understand what they want and face budgetary constraints or just have plain old bad manners.

Others expect us to make things happen with incomplete information or none at all; others make us believe that they will be signing soon, while actually, that is not the plan. Failure to deal with such situations will create disgruntled clients who will eventually leave and take their contracts.
As a salesperson or relationship manager, how can you deal with such clients?

How to deal with those difficult clients:

1. Handle the situation with genuine concern and curiosity.
2. Seek to understand your customers’ perspectives.
3. Acknowledge and validate their worries and uncertainties.
4. Resist the urge to defend. Remember, clients, are humans just like you and I who want to feel heard and understood.

Allow your client to vent without interruption. It may not be easy to hear opinions you disagree with, but it’s a necessary first step. The client is king and should always be made to feel right, time does change this narrative, and eventually, objective clients will realize what you were up to all along.

Dealing with difficult clients in the work space

5. Set Relationship Rules Upfront. Dealing with a client is like dealing with a romantic partner. Communicate and set boundaries. When your partner disrespects your boundaries, you do not immediately walk away, you address it and find ways to healthy move forward. That is the same process you should follow when dealing with a difficult client at work.

6. “Suck it up, buttercup.” Our Clients pay us to solve a problem/understand their pain points and that is why it is always important to be the bigger person. Leave your ego at the door.

‘Do not catch feelings’ over clients; I tell myself to “chill,” hope they are just having a bad day or week, and hope I can help ease their stress through my proposal and solutions.

If the client is too difficult, engage your supervisor or any other team member, something always gives. 😊
I hope these tips help you the next time you deal with a difficult client.

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin is a Ugandan Marketer, Content Curator, Television Show host, Producer, Gamer, Creative Media Personality, Social Media Influencer, and Brand Ambassador.

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