Transformers go all out to show blood donation act of kindness.

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As part of the events marking the October 2021 Next Media Talks, our staff turned up in big numbers to participate in our now quarterly blood donation camps, doubling the number of pints donated when we first put together the activity.


With Uganda as a nation aiming to grow a constant blood supply in the country as a systematic way of saving lives, Next Media Services has partnered with the Uganda Blood Transfusion Services to have our staff donate blood every three months.


Just as was the case the first time around, our Group CEO, Kin Kariisa, took the lead in the blood donation, along with our Head of Brand and Communications, Desire Derekford Mugumisa. They were joined by our staff that were due for donation in this window.

Shortly after donating, Kin Kariisa said, “It is simply not enough to run adverts and preach the importance of blood donation – we too are Ugandans who have no idea when one of us, or people close to us, will need this blood. We, for as long as we are healthy, ought to partake in this noble cause.”


He went on to tweet, “…it was a successful health camp incorporated in the day’s program, and I congratulate [the Next Media Talks Organizing Committee]. I donated again, achieving my quarterly blood donation commitment.”


The Next Media Talks are a monthly gathering by Next Media transformers to celebrate milestones, award achievers, reflect on the journey, and discuss pertinent issues. The October talks focused on Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening.

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin commonly known as Deejahn hosts #NxTRnD. As well serves as the Head Of Digital Marketing at Next Media Services. He has worked for various brands such as The Sylvia Owori boutique as a Digital Marketer, Fireworks Advertising and in 2017 he joined NBS Television (rebranded to Next Media Services) as the Head of Digital Marketing. He holds a Bachelors's Degree in Industrial and Fine Arts from Makerere University. He was born in 1988.

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