COVID-19 redefined us – Next Media CSO Joseph Kigozi

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Joseph Kigozi, has this Tuesday, 23rd November 2021, been hosted on a panel at the Kampala Innovation Week to speak on the opportunities the media sector presents for work in the COVID-19 pandemic.

For Next Media Services, the #COVID19UG pandemic was a taste of character for management and staff, and it’s through these kinds of challenges, you start thinking of how to survive and be innovative.”


With many a media house running out of business at the height of the COVID-19-induced lockdowns in Uganda, Kigozi also spoke about how Next Media Services managed to survive.


“The pandemic has redefined the role of media. We have been able to grow businesses, create and be that platform for timely and accurate information. Open up opportunities by developing programs that change people’s mindsets and help young people harness their potential,” Kigozi stated, adding,


“As media, we must understand that the game keeps changing. We can’t have the same approach. The people we used to talk to 10 years ago are gone. We need to be able to speak to the times and new ideas.”

The 2021 Kampala Innovation Week is themed “Harnessing the power of innovation and entrepreneurship for Uganda’s digital transformation, job creation, and economic sustainability.”

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin is a Ugandan Marketer, Content Curator, Television Show host, Producer, Gamer, Creative Media Personality, Social Media Influencer, and Brand Ambassador.

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