Next Media Services CEO Kin Kariisa wows at ‘The CEO Apprenticeship Program 2021.’

Kin Kariisa, our Group Chief Executive Officer, on Wednesday, 25th November 2021, honoured an invite to be an Executive Mentor at ‘The CEO Apprenticeship Program 2021, Module IV,’ held at the Kampala Serena Hotel.


At the Strathmore Business School and CEO Summit Uganda organized event, Kin spoke addressed the attending aspiring CEOs and CEOs from across different sectors in Uganda on “Turning High Potential into High Performance,” a topic focussed on making the most of a workforce mainly filled with millennials.


“At Next Media, we have a workforce that is 28 years of age – millennials, and our success to this point has been because of these minds. This can be the case for so many of us, but we have to appreciate how different this lot of people is and find innovative ways to make it work,” Kin stated at the beginning of his talk.


Recognized as a Chief Executive with an “immeasurable contribution to Uganda’s Leadership Talent pipeline development, in addition to exhibiting a strong leadership brand,” the organizers, it was quick to be seen why Kin was the chosen personality to speak on a topic heavier in practice than in theory.


Kin urged the aspiring CEOs and CEOs in attendance to not only focus on current high performers in their respective dockets but also take time to identify staff with high potential as those are capable of “exerting 21 percent more effort than others in helping the company achieve its objectives,” and that these are who can be trained to take over the operations of the company later.

Solomy Nasejje, Vice President of CEO Summit Uganda. Hands over a token of appreciation to Next Media Services Group CEO Kin Kariisa

Quoting the Corporate Executive Board, Kin also reminded the aspiring CEOs that “55% [of the millennial workforce] drop out of their company’s high potential program within five years, suggesting that companies need to take deliberate action to develop and engage these individuals along the way to retain them,” suggesting open and free workspaces, the introduction of strategies to have the employees have friends within the workplace, sell to the staff visions so they can be committed to causes rather than being accountable for their actions, introducing company cultures, among so many other proposals from his experience to-date.


As part of the delivery of the Executive Program, field-tested Chief Executives such as Kin Kariisa were relied on to share an experiential session during the Program, and going by the ovation following his presentation, this was a goal fully attained. Kin’s experience will have raised the perspective of the Program Delegates and Chief Executive Apprentices to a higher level of aspiration after gaining insights from one who has and continues to walk this path.


Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin is a Ugandan Digital Marketer, Content Curator, Television Show host, Producer, Gamer, Creative, Media Personality, Social Media Influencer, and Brand Ambassador. He has 10-year experience in Digital Marketing, where I have worked with/for lead advertising agencies in Uganda; TBWA, Fireworks Advertising, Fideli, and Next Com (Where he is currently the Head of Digital Marketing) He has curated and collaborated on global campaigns with Brands like; Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, Activision, Call of Duty Mobile, Warner Bros, Disney and Marvel Studios. He has worked on Campaigns like; 77% Percent, DW in Good Shape, DW Eco-Africa, Call of Duty Mobile, Games and Politics Exhibition, Africa release Movie Premiers like Joker, Avenger Infinity War, Avengers End Game, Wonder Woman 84, Kong vs Godzilla, Mortal Kombat 2021, Afrimaxx to mention but a few. Locally, he has worked on campaigns with brands like Crown Beverages, Century Bottling, Nile Breweries, Uganda Breweries, Total Energies, Vivo Energies, Statehouse anti Corruption Unit, URA, NSSF, and so many more. Danze Edwin is currently the head of Digital Marketing at Next Media. He is trained by Deutsche Welle, BBC World Services, Voice Of America, and the US Agency for Global Media

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