NBS Television Presents “King of the Mic” Season Two

NBS Television, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, UN Women, UNAIDS, Human Diagnostics Uganda, AHF Uganda Cares, and Strong Minds, on Tuesday, 30th November 2021, launched the 2021 edition of “King of the Mic” concert featuring MC Kats and DJ Roja.

The concert is set to take place on Saturday 4th December 2021 at the Next Conference Centre.


The conert hashtags are#KingOfTheMicSn2 and#EndAIDS2030.

The Theme is The Journey to End AIDS by 2030

At the press launch, Next Media Services Deputy Group CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Joseph Kigozi, highlighted the need for a continuous platform to amplify messages around HIV/AIDs prevention and curbing stigma.





L-R MC Kats aka Edwin Katamba, Next Media Services CSO, Joseph Kigozi and Elizabeth Mushabe the UN Women Gender and HIV Specilaist- Uganda Country Office at the #KingOfTheMicSn2 launch photo by Lule Isaac


“I want to thank all our partners and the two gentlemen who have stood their ground to make an important statement about HIV stigma in this generation. We are all aware that HIV is still prevalent, and the fight is still ongoing. It is an honor to support an initiative of this kind championed by our talent. “King of the Mic” demystifies how we communicate this kind of information to young people – we believe that the 2030 vision to end HIV is alive. We are very committed to helping amplify the awareness about HIV in Uganda,” Kigozi said.


MC Kats, who profoundly came out in 2019 about his HIV status, confessed that stigma is the hardest part about living with HIV,

Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats at the #KingOfTheMicSn2 Launch Photo by Lule Isaac

“I faced and digested it, but I have a support system that has helped me through this journey. I hope I inspire someone out there to live life and work on their dreams. Taking your meds is the way to go. I pray this goes on beyond just the concert.”

Next Media Services Head of Brand and Communications, who was the press launch’s moderator, said, “Today is a great example of the reality that is HIV – we see MC Kats who in his right is a legend on the categories of TV presentation, events MCing, and artist management before HIV continuing to do amazing things while living with it, matter of fact being one of the personalities that pushed us to remold our weekend night shows to what we know them as today. He still turns up for work daily, doing extra shifts – HIV is indeed not a death sentence.”

King of the Mic Season 2 launch at the Next Media Park, Next Conference Centre Photo By Lule Isaac

The concert will be held under the theme “The Journey to End AIDS by 2030.” Other partners on board include the Ministry of Health, UN Women, UNAIDS, Human Diagnostics Uganda, AHF Uganda Cares, and Strong Minds Uganda.

Danze Edwin

Danze Edwin

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