Salam Ramadhan Symposium Kicks Off on a high note.

The inaugural edition of the Salam Ramadhan Symposium kicked off at Hotel Africana last Sunday, April 10th, 2022, with over 400 guests attending the event LIVE on Salam Television, the organizers.

Topics ranging from marriage sustainability addressed by reputable panelists Sheikh Yusuf Mutimba and Sheikhat Mastullah Nakanwagi, to financial literacy guided by Islamic finance and government programs such as Hijaz Community SACCO and Emyooga respectively, saw the attendants both entertained and informed.

Salam Ramadhan Symposium

Salam Ramadhan Symposium


The morning session kicked off with Sheikh Mutimba and Sheikhat Nakanwagi educating the guests on a good marriage and having “Allah first, respect for each other, and respect for the parents.”

The men in the room were told to work hard and provide for their families, love and laugh with their wives and children, and reminded it is okay to indulge in domestic work, especially when their women are unwell. The women were told of the importance of cooking on time, being neat, and making the home homily for their families. Women were made aware that it is okay for women to work based on our current setting where money is scarce, unlike women in Saudi Arabia. However, looking after the family is a man’s job that shouldn’t be left to women.”

The afternoon session saw financial tips from Harriet Nampero from the Microfincae Support Centre, in charge of the Emyooga Funds Initiative, take the lead. Muslims above eighteen were urged to be part of the poverty alleviation initiative, and Sheikh Muhsin Mutagubya from Hijaz Community SACCO further encouraged them to engage in some saving, especially with Hijjaz because it complies with Islamic beliefs.

This second symposium is set for Sunday, April 17th, at Hotel Africana, with more discussions and panelists set to tackle reasons as to why a Muslim needs to repent and what Allah does to the unrepentant, the significance of Ramadhan and its teachings, Islamic Banking, and its significance, among others.

The symposiums are part of the Ramadhan activities that Salam Television is championing to keep Muslims engaged and fulfill some of the fasting commandments.

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo

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