United Media Uganda Welcomes 97.8 Kazo FM to its Alliance, Expanding Connectivity Across Diverse Regions

The United Media Uganda alliance, an ambitious effort led by Next Media, the home for NBS TV, has made a significant stride in its mission to foster effective communication and connectivity across Uganda’s diverse regions and demographics—the recent inclusion of Eng. John Nasasira’s 97.8 Kazo FM as a new partner marks a notable milestone in this journey of growth and collaboration.

With a coalition of over 100 leading TV, radio, and online platforms, the United Media Uganda alliance aims to empower communities and bridge gaps in the nation’s communication landscape. Next Media’s vision for this alliance is to provide a comprehensive network of media outlets, each committed to serving the interests and aspirations of the communities they represent.

Kazo FM’s addition to the alliance is a strategic move that enhances coverage not only in Kazo District but also in the neighboring Kyegegwa, Ibanda, Kiruhura, Kamwenge, and Sembabule districts. This expansion exemplifies the alliance’s dedication to ensuring that every region has access to reliable and relevant information regardless of geographical location.

As Next Media continues to welcome more media partners, the United Media Uganda alliance is poised for an even greater impact. 
 “The alliance remains committed to innovation and adaptability, exploring new communication technologies and platforms to engage with audiences effectively,” Ramathan Mbago, General Manager, United Media Uganda Alliance. 

United in their mission, the alliance’s media outlets share the common goal of empowering local voices and promoting dialogue among various stakeholders. Their collective efforts drive progress and development, actively contributing to the growth and prosperity of Uganda.

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo is a Ugandan Marketer, Public Relations Practitioner, Content Curator, and Producer working in the media production industry, currently Head of Public Relations, Next Media.

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