Brian Ainebyoona Joins Uganda Marketers Society

In a stride toward professional growth and staying updated in the ever-evolving marketing landscape, Brian Ainebyoona, a seasoned marketer with five years of experience, has joined the Uganda Marketers Society (UMS) under Next Media. UMS, the country’s premier marketing organization, is dedicated to promoting excellence in the field.

Ainebyoona’s rich background spans branding, paid advertising, content creation, SEO, CRM, social media, market research, and event planning. His current role as Trade Marketing Officer at Next Media involves driving brand visibility, loyalty, and consumer engagement in specific market sectors.

His move to join UMS reflects his commitment to continuous improvement and aligns perfectly with the association’s goal of providing skill-building resources and networking opportunities. By becoming a UMS member, Ainebyoona solidifies his dedication to advancing his skills and contributing to the thriving marketing community in Uganda.

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo is a Ugandan Marketer, Public Relations Practitioner, Content Curator, and Producer working in the media production industry, currently Head of Public Relations, Next Media.

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