NBS’s Next Kulture Konnect Show Revolutionizes News for Gen Z Audiences

NBS TV’s innovative approach to news broadcasting has taken a giant leap forward with the launch of Africa’s first Gen-Z News Bulletin, Next Kulture Konnect.

The bulletin is “on form to inform” with content carefully curated to resonate with Gen Z’s values of authenticity, inclusivity, and making a positive impact. The team, led by Chief Marketing Officer Danze Edwin, Senior Producer Dorah Atwongyeire, and co-producer Kugonza Lotus, has successfully created a product that speaks to the needs and interests of Uganda’s youthful population.

Anchored by the dynamic trio of Tracy Ikopit, Mark Munanura, and MC/Artist Jokwiz, Next Kulture Konnect has found a sweet spot in the hearts of its target audience. The show’s online presence has been impressive, with content being shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Afromobile, catering to Gen Z’s preference for phone-based content consumption.

According to Group CEO Kin Kariisa, “We recognized a gap in the market and decided to create a product that would cater to the needs of our youthful population, who are eager to stay informed about what’s happening around the country.”

Next Kulture Konnect is more than just a news bulletin – it’s a cultural movement that reflects the vibrancy and diversity of Gen Z. Stay connected and join the conversation on your favorite social media platforms!

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo

Elizabeth Tendo is a Ugandan Marketer, Public Relations Practitioner, Content Curator, and Producer working in the media production industry, currently Head of Public Relations, Next Media.

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