New Leader Orientation

New Leader Orientation at Next Media is a program for those who are new to a leadership role at Next media, whether recently hired or internally promoted into a management position. It includes an online module component and a two-day, in-person session.

About the program

The goals of the New Leader Orientation at Next Media are to:

Invitation Process

This program is offered throughout the year. Individuals who have been recently hired or promoted into a people management role will automatically receive an e-mail invitation to attend the orientation.
If you are new to a leadership role at Next Media services but don’t receive an invitation, you can contact Lilian Mutesi at [email protected].


The program contains two phases:


Stage 1 Online Module

The online training is divided into seven 20-minute modules that cover the following topics:

HR Manual

Stage 2 Classroom training

Program sessions will focus on the following themes:

Program cost

There is no cost to participate in this program.