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Job Summary

The Sports Producer is responsible for overseeing all aspects of production for Sports Television shows, from conceptualization to final broadcast. This role requires strong leadership, creativity, and organizational skills to ensure that the production meets artistic, technical, and financial goals.


Duties and Responsibilities

Besides other duties that will be allocated to the Employee from time to time by the supervisor your primary duties are outlined as follows:

·    Think for the role in which Employee is employed.

·    Ensure that all Next media brands receive daily sports content from NBS Sport

·    Ensure that NBS Sport has Sports bulletins and Sports updates

·    Ensure that the available television broadcast material complies with applicable industry regulations and editorial policy of Next media

·    Provide a quality control checklist system is put in place to eliminate low standards in audio, video and tagging output in all content

·    Study and continuously review all existing quality control systems and provide new and innovative ways to have an internationally-acclaimed content standards

·    Ensure to set up and continually communicate the Next media Standard Operating Procedures, always ensuring that all content-gathering crews comply with the set systems and procedures

·    Remain competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses as required by the programming office

·    Provide monthly training to the content-gathering team and present progress reports

Perform any other duties in line with your duties as may be assigned by your supervisors.



The Employer is of the opinion that the Employee has the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to assist and benefit the Employer in its business with the following competencies.

·      Be adaptable, flexible and able to troubleshoot problems quickly always protecting the quality of the television content and broadcast standards

·      Be willing to lead by example, taking charge of a team and facilitating a positive and productive working environment

·      Have /attain skills in the operation of analog and digital broadcast equipment, software, and data transfer networks and devices such as broadcast video tape recorders, video servers, audio/video routers, audio and video control consoles, satellite equipment and television transmitters

·      Have basic computer proficient skills

·      Ability to pay attention to detail

·      Ability to effectively manage people and projects in a demanding technical and real-time environment

·      Ability to operate a variety of computer application programs, including automation systems, character generators, systems remote control and traffic

·      Ability to understand and document technical and operational aspects of Master Control Room equipment

·      Ability to train and evaluate content generation and personnel

·      Ability to follow verbal and written directions as well as the ability to communicate directions to others

·      Ability to work with other departments within Next Media Services to ensure all departments interface efficiently with all television operations

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